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Hiring the right attorney can make all the difference. Whether it is a criminal defense case and your attorney is trying to save your job, or a personal injury case where an insurance company is offering you nuisance value when you have a valid claim. You need someone who actually cares enough to fight for you. For the past 13 years, Crowell Law Offices has built their reputation by providing excellent legal representation, which comes from a mixture of natural talent and dedication- but it also comes through empathy, and actually caring about people. But we don't ask you to just take our word for it- we ask you to take a look at our independently verified reviews on places like customerlobby.com, or on our dismissal page, which contains recent excellent results (all of which can be verified at the local courthouses). The fact that we care about our clients and the results we are able to obtain for them is evident in our reputation and our results. Call now for a free consultation. (916) 303-2800

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Some Recent Results:


∗These are real cases that can be verified online or at the court, please ask for case number when you call.

Client: J.K. on July 7, 2014
Charge: Roseville Second Offense DUI with .24 Blood Alcohol Level
DA Offer: Plea to Second DUI for 70 days, (35 days actual jail and 35 days sheriff work project), 18 Month Alcohol Class, 1 Year Ignition Interlock Device, Two Year License Suspension, $2900 Fine.
Result: Second DUI with .24 Blood Alcohol Level DISMISSED and We Won the DMV Hearing. No Jail or Work Project, No Ignition Interlock Device, No License Suspension. Fine Cut in Half. No 18 Month Alcohol Class (reduced to 12 hour class). Plead as wet reckless. (Call for case number and details, can be verified at Placer Court).

Client: J.H. on June 27, 2014
Charge: Roseville DUI with .17 Blood Alcohol Level and Hit & Run
DA Offer: Plead as Charged to both counts
Result: DUI with .17 Blood Alcohol Level Dismissed Prior to Trial. Hit & Run to be Dismissed with Proof of Insurance Payment.

Client: K.M. on June 12, 2014
Charge: Sacramento Felony Drug Sales and Suspended License
DA Offer: Plead as Felony Drug Sales for 120 days jail.
Result: FELONY Drug Sales DISMISSED with Diversion (Normally not Available for Sales Cases). Plead only to Suspended License Misdemeanor for No Jail. (Call for case number and details, can be verified now on saccourt.com).

While jury trials are rare, we have won our last three (two with not guilty verdicts and one with 9/3 hung jury for not guilty):

Mar 14, 2014 (Second DUI VC 23152, 9/3 for NOT GUILTY, Hung Jury, Alameda County Dept 513)
Nov 13, 2013 (PC 211 Robbery, offer 7 years prison, NOT GUILTY, Sacramento County Dept 41)
Oct 25, 2013 (VC 23104 Reckless Driving w/ Injury, NOT GUILTY, Sacramento County Dept 15)

Call for case numbers, cases can be verified online at saccourt.com.

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Client K.K. June 18, 2014
Client was hit by a car walking across the street. Suffered back and wrist injury. $75,000.00 recovery.

Client T.A. May 17, 2014
Client was hit while riding bike illegally across crosswalk. Insurance company denied liability due to violation of law. We were able to show that regardless of her violation, the other driver should have seen her. $50,000.00 recovery ("busted" the insurance policy).

Client C.T. March 4, 2014
Client was a passenger in an automobile and the driver crashed, causing shoulder and knee injuries.
$100,000.00 recovery ("busted" the insurance policy).

Call for information on this recent case, and our other outstanding results including:
1.6 million (auto vs. motorcycle)
1 million (wrongful death)
$275,000.00 (dog bite)

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